The Campaign

2014 Version w barcode path transparentbgs 12012015[email protected] has been an evolution of various human trafficking campaigns that Singapore Committee for UN Women has¬†championed since 2006. As one of the leading advocates against human trafficking in Singapore, the impact and awareness raised has been crucial in the fight to end trafficking in the region. Singapore Committee for UN Women has:


  • Engaged with 200,000 attendees of our public education and awareness seminars, workshops and film screening events about ending violence against women.
  • Engaged 80,000+¬†participants in dedicated anti-trafficking awareness initiatives and public education programmes.
  • Garnered 114,000 signatures from supporters against sex trafficking with The Body Shop, ECPAT International, and HOME.
  • Exposed the sex tourism industry in Batam by way of our public awareness initiatives thereby informing the discourse at the public and ministerial level and contributing to the government enacting of Extra Territorial Laws Against Child Sex in 2008.
  • Drove the discourse leading to the creation of the National Plan of Action Against Trafficking Persons (2012).
  • Launched the Businesses Against Trafficking campaign ([email protected]) in 2013 and hosted the multi-sectorial [email protected] conference in Singapore with the Singapore Inter-Agency Taskforce on Trafficking in Persons in 2014.
  • By engaging Dr. Sallie Yea, visiting fellow at NUS, to conduct a situational study, we equipped the Taskforce with the data they need to make informed decisions about how to address the trafficking problem in Singapore, thereby leading to the enactment of the Prevention of Human Trafficking Bill in 2014.

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