Ruici Tio

Ruici Tio is a Director in Kroll’s Southeast Asia Investigations & Disputes practice based in Singapore, and specializes in investigating ethical risks within supply chains.

He has extensive professional experience working for the non-profit, government and private sectors. Prior to Kroll, he was Head of Strategic Partnerships for a global advocacy organization, focusing on public-private partnerships for an anti-human trafficking campaign operating in challenging and opaque markets across Asia and Eastern Europe.

“The increasingly global nature of supply chains creates greater levels of risks across disparate jurisdictions that include logistical and operational risks, as well as ethical risks such as human trafficking. In the context of increasing legislation on supply chain transparency and forced labor, it is imperative for businesses to ensure they have full visibility into their supply chain and move beyond traditional compliance practices.

The standard method of spot checks and the checklist approach to audits can lead to blind spots where the risks of forced labor are highest. These risks are often more acute in emerging markets, even companies with robust social compliance programs may find themselves unaware of critical compliance and ethical risks that can lead to severe financial, legal and reputational consequences.

The message to companies from consumers and governments is clear, companies need to move beyond traditional compliance and sustainability practices to reduce the risk of human trafficking.

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