Tara Dermott

Tara Dermott leads IOM X, the International Organization for Migration’s new campaign to prevent exploitation and human trafficking. Prior to this, Tara was Head of Development at MTV EXIT. Tara has over ten years of work experience in counter-trafficking in Southeast Asia, including roles with The Asia Foundation, Polaris Project and the U.S. Peace Corps.

Businesses have always had the potential to be powerhouses for change and this is especially true with regard to eradicating trafficking in 2015 and beyond. Businesses need to start by LEARNING more about what human trafficking is, and how it is relevant to the work that they do. According to U.N. estimates, 20 million people are now trapped in forced labor worldwide, and more than half of these modern-day slaves are here in Asia. Businesses should consult with experts to learn more about how this is impacting their operations, looking closely at product supply chains. This increased awareness needs to be followed by taking appropriate ACTIONS, such as training staff or developing tools to more effectively monitor and safeguard against trafficking and exploitation. Finally, businesses should SHARE what they have done to influence others. In short: Learn. Act. Share.”

Tara will be a speaker at our [email protected] session, Thursday, March 12th, from 10:00 – 13:00. Register now for this closed door session with other industry thought leaders.